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Hyperx Cloud Alpha Review - Gaming Headset – GamerFuzion

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Review – Gaming Headset

HyperX develops gaming headphones with one of the best sound quality and price ratio in the market. Today, after weeks of testing we leave you the review of the HyperX Cloud Alpha, compatible with both PC and console.


  • Dual HyperX camera drivers for greater distinction and fewer distortions
  • Recognized HyperX exclusive comfort
  • Rugged aluminum frame with extended headband
  • Removable twisted cable with integrated audio control
  • Microphone with removable noise cancellation


In line with the models of the brand, we appreciate an excellent quality of finishes from the first moment. Its construction is based on aluminum and plastic, turning them into medium weight (not light) headphones.

With a pure gamer design, HyperX avoids any type of lighting in pursuit of audio quality and comfort. Its adjustment is comfortable and has a pressure somewhat above average so we will notice an adjustment that initially gave us the impression of something high but after hours of continued use did not cause fatigue or discomfort. Much of this comfort has its headband that is built with a very comfortable cushion covered by synthetic leather.

Its construction responds to a totally closed headphone where the synthetic leather, of very good quality, covers a pad pleasant to the touch. In summer, as with similar models, it does not have the same breathability as open headphones, but immersion and isolation are much higher.

In this sense, we see a finish and sensations very similar to Cloud Flight which have a very similar earphone finish.

The audio cable is external, a detail that can only be seen in the final part and that does not interfere with your comfort. The adjustment responds to a series of pre-established means that both to enlarge and to shrink transmits firmness and ergonomics.

We emphasize at this point that the headphones give us a feeling of solidity at all times and although it’s aluminum architecture is not flexible and has less degree of mobility, the whole set looks ergonomic and durable.

In the upper part, we see the HyperX logo engraved with a tonal color where the red seams stand out. Along with this, you can appreciate the adjustment that the headphones make on the ears. Some pressure above the average but without being uncomfortable.

The microphone, removable, is very good quality and has noise cancellation so it will allow us if we are playing in a place with noise can hear us perfectly. Its design, something simple, fulfills the purpose and functionality.


We jump with the headphones on stage and submit it to the usual sound tests. For this, we have used them continuously for hours in different environments. Here are our impressions:

  • Music: the quality in music is very remarkable, highlighting the serious ones which are very deep. It is, therefore, an earpiece was listening to music House will delight the gamer who like this musical style. The treble, the weakest part of the three has a good level but with a lower brightness of other models of the brand.
  • Games: Cloud Alpha does not have an integrated sound card, so in order to enjoy all the characteristics of surround sound we recommend using them on a good quality motherboard or dedicated sound card. Like the music, having a good serious and excellent means in games will give us a great immersion.
  • Multimedia: enjoying a movie with the Alpha is a pleasant and pleasant experience. That is why we recommend using them to watch series or movies since their configuration is ideal to enjoy multimedia content and if you are into editing videos they will work wonderfully.


HyperX with its Cloud Alpha has given us all the satisfaction we expected from this model. We emphasize its audio quality, optimal for both music and games as well as its quality of own high-end headphones. Against, we mention them


  • Audio quality, the most important
  • Quality of materials
  • Design


  • Not Wireless
  • No lightweight


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