How to Unlock the Phantom’s Call Blueprint in Warzone 2.0

Immediately upon dropping in, start looting as normal, putting a focus on healing items and explosives.

During this process be sure to also keep an eye out for any vehicles, as this will help to traverse and get to the needed location quicker.

  • We recommend locating a helicopter if possible but any vehicle will do.

With 10 seconds remaining before the first circle starts closing in, a message will pop up on the screen stating that the Strongholds have opened.

You’ll want to ping the closest one to you, and quickly make your way there.

Having reached the stronghold, you’ll be given the objective of defusing an explosive but be careful, as the area will be filled with ads, adding a level of difficulty to the overall objective.

After successfully defusing the explosive, the box will now drop multiple items with the one to focus on being labeled the Black Site Key.

Picking up the key will cause a new location, the Black Site, to become available.

  • Note that whoever has the key during the final part will be the only one to obtain the blueprint.

Now at the final location, you’ll need to clear out some ads, with your main objective here being to locate and kill the juggernaut inside, claiming your reward for doing so; the Phantom’s Call Blueprint.


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