How to Unlock the Pendulum Blueprint in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Legion Faction Mission Tier 1

Make Contact

  • Use your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone.

All you have to do for this part is open up the Map, hover over one of the Contracts, and ping it.

Press up on the dpad using a controller or alt on a keyboard.
  • Find a contract phone and download the intel.

Now just make your way to the contract you just marked, locate and accept, and complete the objective.

For this contract, we need to locate “a laptop with the hard drive” but this will most likely differ depending on which contract you pick up.

Locate and Scavenge

  • Find and loot 5 loot caches.
  • Loot 5 items to your backpack

This one can be gotten very easily while looting, and both can be completed at the same time.

Al-Qatala Informant

  • Activate 1 UAV Tower.

These a located all over the map, so just locate and ping the nearest one to you.

Once you make your to the Tower, activate it.

Finally, head to an exfil and extract.

Storm the Stronghold

  • Acquire a Stronghold Keycard.

The Stronghold keycard can be acquired one of two ways; either by obtaining one dropped from killing bots or you can buy one from buy stations for 5,000.

Now locate a Stonghold nearby, and make your way to it.

  • Clear a Stronghold of enemy combatants.
  • Extract the White Lotus intel found on Stronghold guards.

Once here, unlock the entrance and slowly start clearing out all the combatants, make sure to keep an eye out for the White Lotus item to be dropped by one of them.

With the Stronghold cleared and the White Lotus in hand, you now need to make your way to an exfil and extract safely to complete the Faction mission and claim your reward; the Pendulum.


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