How to Unlock Advanced Warfare Super Serum God Mode in Ascendance

In this guide it shows you how to unlock the Advanced Warfare Super Serum God Mode in which gives you God Mode and you can take on your opponent and practically be invisible against their attack, it will take the entire opposite team to take you down. Now how to you unlock the Super Serum Mode in Advanced Warfare, follow the steps below and keep checking with us here or on twitter to get the early access to all the information on Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC.

You will earn the Super Serum through a care package as is a map based score streak that you can earn it. We suggest that you try to increse your odds on getting a care package as acquiring is ramdom. Once you acquire the care package that contains the Super Serum you will get a green egg in which you punch and you are contaminated by it and your screen lights up green on the sides and you turn green. Now how long does the Super Serum Mode lasts? Well is time base so it will last you for some time, but the good thing is if you get killed you can re-spawn with the Super Serum Mode until it runs out.

TOC: Exo Zombies Infection Walkthrough | Achievements | Super Serum God Mode

What powers does Super Serum ability Gives you:

– Threat Detection – To see through walls
– A lot of Health to survive longer
– Time Based – Last 1 minute long
– Can Be earned Multiple Times in a match
– Only One player can acquire it at a time

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