How To Read The Light Box Tutorial on Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies

In The next Black Ops 2 tutorial, we will take a look on how to read the light box in buried map.

how to read the light box

Once you get to the section where the light box is the guide will show you how to read the light box. You will see how it works by watching the video guide below. In the guide you will see there are a few steps in which it shows you how each of the lights work. Noahj456 in his video explains in details how to read the light box and provides a details tutorial for each of them.

Follow along the Black ops 2 Buried Zombies guide below to see how each of these lights work. Now one thing that you may experience in your own playthrough that it may not be the same if you have not completed the other DLC for Bo2.

Do let us know if you find anything different by placing a comment in the section below:

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