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How to get Weapon Case in DMZ Ashika Island

How to get Weapon Case in DMZ Ashika Island

Upon dropping into Ashika Island, you’re going to wanna locate the Weapon Case marked on the map.

Located at Tsuki Castle.

Once at the location, you’ll now need to locate and incapacitate the Wheelson-HS drone roaming around and hack it, giving you access to the building.

Keeping your distance and staying up on the high ground is highly recommended, as the Wheelson-HS is capable of doing high damage quickly.

Once inside, you’ll want to slowly make your way through and up the building, locating and killing the Commander but be careful as the building will be filled with traps, sentry guns, and enemies with riot shields.

Upon killing the Commander, he will drop the Weapon Case.

Picking up the case, quickly make your way to the exfil, being careful as you’ll now be marked on the map for other teams in the game.

Successfully exfilling the first time, you’ll be rewarded with the Backup Plan handgun blueprint, with 6 more unlocks available upon completing this again.


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