How to get the Building 21 key cards in Warzone 2 DMZ

There are currently a few ways to get your hands on the Access Cards to Building 21.

The rarest way is through looting the orange supply boxes around the map, with the ones located within strongholds and denied areas being the most recommended locations to search.

The 3 best ways to find the Access Cards:

  • By locating a Commander Helio and taking it down, it’ll drop a supply drop, marking it on the map.
  • Another way is by locating a SAM Site Contract and securing it, causing it to shoot down a plane dropping a supply drop with its location marked on the map.
  • The final and most risky way is within the last 9 minutes of the game, 3 gold supply drops will spawn at random locations on the map, being marked for everyone in the game.

To keep any of the Access Cards acquired, you’ll need to safely exfil with them.

There are currently 3 types of key cards you can get, with the DRC Building 21 Access Card, being the one to give you access to Building 21, and the other two, the Blue and Red Access Card, to rooms within the location.

Building 21 is accessible through DMZ location deployment.


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