How to get MW2 Serpentine Weapon Camo in DMZ – Complete Guide

Unlocking the Serpentine camo in DMZ Season 5 Reloaded can be quite the challenge. This newly added camo isn’t readily available in the game’s camo lists or events. Instead, it hides within a covert Zaya Observatory Buy Station menu. The components required for this camo are among the rarest in the game. To obtain it, you must secure a Skeleton Key, Heavy Chopper Fuel, Chemist’s Acid, and Blackcell Hand Cream. Below are the methods for acquiring or crafting these items:

Items you need to unlock Serpentine Camo

  • Skeleton Key
  • Heavy Chopper Fuel
  • Chemist’s Acid
  • Blackcell Hand Cream

Serpentine Weapon Camo Video Guide

If you venture into the concealed laboratory beneath the Zaya Observatory, you’ll stumble upon a portable shop, clearly marked on your tactical map. This shop is situated within the confines of the lab, making it relatively easy to locate. However, here’s the intriguing twist: you must exercise patience and wait until the radiation clears the area before you can access it and engage in item trading. This particular feature is a unique addition to DMZ, unlike anything seen before.

To endure the radiation and remain inside the secret lab, you’ll require radiation blockers and gas masks. Once the radiation has dissipated, access the Buy Station’s menu and initiate trades with the four valuable items you’ve collected. This is the key to unlocking the coveted Serpentine Camo in DMZ.