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Hey guys, what is going on? Chris Takamura here with Gamer Fuzion.
I am going to show the steps that I took to get Lucemon as early
in the game.

Lvl 30 or higher
MAX SP is 80
INT is 130
ABI is 80

Step 1:
Go to Digital Network II, in DigiLab
and get 100% Scan Rate of Poyomon.

Then head to DigiConvert from the DigiBank
and convert Poyomon. And if Poyomon
is not Brainy Personality. You can always
use Return to Data to put it back to DigiConvert
list. Repeat the process till you get a Brainy Personality.

Go Digivolve Poyomon in to
Lvl 5 or higher

Step 2:
To get 80 ABI go
Digivolve Tokomon in to
Lvl 9 or higher
SPD is 30

Digivolve Falcomon in to
Lvl 14 or higher
SPD is 55

Digivolve Aquilamon in to
Lvl 30 or higher
ATK is 75
SPD is 75

And once you get a Garudamon, De-digivolve
it into Aquilamon. Then Digivolve it again
to Garudamon.

Do this process till you get 80 ABI, but my suggestion
is get the ABI to 100 for later use.

Step 3:
Once you get 80 or 100 ABI, De-digivolve your Digimon
back to Tokomon and level it to Lvl 99.
By Lvl 99, it will have 129 INT because of the Brainy Personality.
However, the requirement for Lucemon is 130 INT. So here is what we
are going to do next.

Step 4: 
Put Tokomon into one of your Digi Farm.
And feed it a Clever Carrot to increase
its INT from 129 to 139.

You can get Clever Carrot in one of the Main Story Quest.
Or you can purchase it in the store later on the game.
But since I am still in Chapter 4, I got mine by doing
the Main Story Quest.Now you Digivolve your Tokomon into

Step 5:
Here is the info of Lucemon
No. 051 Rookie
Type: Vaccine
Attribute: Light
Equip Slot: 1
Memory Use: 14

Grand Cross (Special Move)
Holy Light III
Shining Laser II

SS: Justice Genome
Increases damage from
Light skills by 15%

This child-shaped angel Digimon appeared in
the Digital World long ago during a time of
chaos. Bringing peace and order to the world
afterwards, a rebellion against Lucemon first
caused a long period of darkness. It looks
like a child, but its power and wisdom
surpasses Ultimate Digimon. Its abilities are
said to have been split among the Celestial
Digimon. Its special move Grand Cross fires
balls of light in the shape of a cross, and
is stronger than Seraphimon's Strike of the
Seven Stars.


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