How to Complete the Destiny Red Bull Quest, The Taken King

How to Complete the Destiny Red Bull Quest, The Taken King

In this guide we will show you what you will need to complete for the Destiny Red bull Quest in the game that will start on September 15 and that is when the Red Bull Quest is available for The Taken King.

Below, please find how to complete the Red Bull Quest in Detiny the Taken King:

Reward  #1: SR-O Swiftriver Sparrow

Patrol mission energy spike, then taken king strike
Next they must take on one of the new strikes found in Destiny: The Taken King in record time. Only 18 minutes to complete S.A.B.E.R. on Earth at Level 40 and take out eight sniper shanks at the same time.

Reward #2 Joyride Ghost

Take spark on rift to the enemy 3 times and win matches each person, then jump into crucible mode match win 3 matches and one person in fireteam has to have highest score

Final Reward (3): A consumable to upgrade From SR-O to SR-1 Swiftriver

First, you will neeed to complete a modified version of “The Sunless Cell” Strike at Level 40, destroying six shriekers and taking out a specific Hallowed Thrall, the Unstable Core. Once you complete The Sunless Cell you will then begin a new strike called Shields Brothers a Level 40 Strike  with 18 minutes to complete the Strike mission and you will be rewarded.

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