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In this guide Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough will help you get through the complete game as you progress through the game. Take a look at our Horizon zero Dawn walkthrough that will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you get through the game and unlock the various types of collectibles such trophiesvantages datapoints, Ancient Vessels, Metal Flowers, Banuk Locations, Starter Guide, Banuk Ice Hunter Armor, Crafting, Crafting Item Locations, Rare Loot.

Horizon Zero Dawn comes packs with many items that you will need to craft in the game to be able to acquire better weapons. You will also be able to purchase items from the merchant by either finding different collectibles in the game that you can use to trade and acquire shards to purchase better outfits or in game weapons to help you advance through the game.

The game also comes with many side quest that you will need to complete besides the main story you also have these side quests. There are many machines that you will need to destroy in the game, some are easy to do so and some will take some time to defeat in the game. You also are able to level up your hunting skills so you can unlock the various trophies. When you unlock hunting trophies you will be able to acquire 2 types of marks, the first mark is the suns mark and the other one is the blazing sun mark that will help you advance through the game.

Horizon Zero Down Combat helpful tips

  • Aloy can scan Enemies for systematic weaknesses such as elemental vulnerability. Aloy’s scan feature lets her scan enemies for weak spots, read Items and track things of interest such as NPCs or patrol patterns. You can tag a machine’s path to plan your attack.
  • You can shoot off amor to expose weak points or shoot off weapons to pick up and use against machines.
  • The game features a hacking mechanic to turn a machine to your side.
  • You can subdue an enemy in a variety of ways, destroying, hacking, or trapping.
  • Downed enemies can be harvested for Items that can be used in Crafting and Upgrades for your Weapons and Armor.
  • The environment can be used to climb to higher ground or hide in foliage, providing vantage points and advantageous positioning.

Horizon Zero Dawn Missions

  • Lessons of the Wild
  • A Gift From the Past
  • The Point of the Spear
  • Odda Grata
  • In Her Mother’s Footsteps
  • Mother’s Heart
  • The Proving
  • The Womb of the Mountain
  • A Seeker at the Gates
  • The Forgotten
  • Ancient Armory
  • The War-Chief’s Trail
  • Revenge of the Nora
  • Insult to Injury
  • Underequipped
  • Sanctuary
  • Luck of the Hunt
  • Bandit Camp – Devil’s Thirst
  • Tallneck: Devil’s Thirst
  • Nora Hunting Grounds
  • Valleymeet Hunting Grounds
  • Cauldron SIGMA
  • The City of the Sun
  • A Daughter’s Vengeance
  • In Foreing Lands
  • The Old Acquaintance
  • Maker’s End
  • The Field of the Fallen
  • Death from the Skies
  • Cauldron ZETA
  • Cauldron RHO
  • Weapons of the Lodge

Horizon Zero Dawn A Gift from The Past Walkthrough

In this chapter we shown to a small Aloy disappointed by society and full of curiosity about the ancient civilization that inhabited the land before. The chapter works as a prologue where we learn the main focus and motion controls. Trapped underground, Aloy seeks a way out and makes a discovery that will change his life forever.

As you investigate the  Go through the first section of the cave to spend a few bats, you’ll see a hole on which Aloy makes a comment about to pass. If you press square can crouch and pass smoothly.

Go down the stairs to your left and through the door half open which is illuminated by sunlight from outside. Continue all the way straight until you see some stairs you can climb and reach the top floor. Continue on the right, follow the corridor and see a large room with a corpse in the middle, examine it to see a cinematic and get the focus.

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