Horizon Zero Dawn Starter Guide Tips

The Horizon Zero Dawn starter guide will provide you with good tips

Activates all the fires that you find your way and let you make that quick trip, using the object ‘quick trip package’.

Before entering active combat Focus pressing R3 and watch your enemies. In this way we will know their weaknesses to which we shoot, and their elemental weaknesses, as they can be fire.

Collect all the natural resources you come across on your way (plants, herbs, branches) because sooner or later you’re going to need to create ammo, potions or any type of object.

Records all defeated machines or you find dead across the stage, as they always contain resources that are very valuable, whether to create objects or trade in towns and villages. Take a look at our Horizon zero Dawn walkthrough that will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you get through the game and unlock the various types of collectibles such trophies, vantages datapoints, Ancient Vessels, Metal Flowers, Banuk Locations, Starter Guide, Banuk Ice Hunter Armor, Crafting, Crafting Item Locations, Rare Loot.

Horizon Zero Dawn Skill Tree

In the skill trees are a number of skills that should unlock as soon as possible. For example, ‘Concentration’, which allows us to slow down time while pressing R3 aim, which we can point with some comfort the weak points of the enemy. Also important are all the skills tree ‘Gatherer’ as ‘Harvesters’ or ‘scavenger’, allowing additional resources to collect natural resources or register enemies.

On stage you will find animals like wild boars, rats, rabbits, raccoons, foxes or even fish. Hunting all you can as its resources, such as skins and bones are used to improve the capacity of inventory, and thus leads to more arrows, traps, explosives or potions. For each of these improvements will need a number of different resources, but always parts of animals, so hunting all you can from the beginning of the game if you do not want to rough it with inventory.

When you get to a village, sells items that have no practical use. To start a conversation with a trader, if we go to the section ‘sell’, we can see the usefulness of each inventory item. At the end of this always always objects that serve only to sell, in which only says “trade with merchants” are placed.

Each of the traders game has a free treasure box for us. Pick it up whenever you talk to one, then remember to open in inventory, since they contain valuable resources.

Hirozon Zero Dawn enemies

Note that the enemies have a level of expertise like us, so do not try to fight with enemies far above your level. If you’re struggling with an enemy of a similar level as yours and you are looking very complicated combat, stay away, activates the Focus, and observes their weaknesses, because it may be sensitive to heat or electricity for example, and have to create the right arrows or place certain traps.

By activating the focus not only we see the weak points of the enemy, also its route, where they walk. Pressing R1 we can leave this enabled trace, and also to serve to play quietly and do not see us (which we can use to run them silently if we have unlocked the ability ‘Silent Attack’), we can set traps on their way, with the stunner, or traps that we have created.

the long-necked

Exploring the World of Horizon, we find the long – necked, and harmless gigantic machines that move slowly, and we have to climb to get to your head. It is important to do this, so every time you find one of 5 necked Do not delay and try to climb as they unlock the attractions surrounding the stage (collectibles for example). Look at the path where he walks, because there will always be one or more high points from which we can jump to your body. Once we have caught us, the rise will not be complicated.

Hirozon Zero Dawn Difficulties game

As we begin our starting Dawn Horizon Zero we are allowed to choose which difficulty we want to play. There is no trophy that requires us to play in one or another difficulty that depends on each player choose which difficulty you want to complete the game.

Each of the machines in the game has a different weakness, either fire, ice or electricity and using the element that is weak will cause more damage. In addition, each has a specific effect:

  • Fire: Cause burns to the machine and makes you lose life slowly.
  • Ice: Freezes completely to the machine and prevents it from moving.
  • Electricity: Electrify the machine leaving her stunned a few seconds and also all its components are exposed so you can more easily destroy them.

Attacks from elevated positions

In many of the locations in the game you can take advantage of the raised areas where fighting pass from them to attack enemies.

From these positions only flying machines and certain heavy weapons from some machines will attack you so you can attack without stopping the machine without risk. Similarly, humans that we will face in the game so do not jump unless use ranged weapons cannot attack us.


Although Horizon Zero Dawn most destructible there are some structures are more resistant coverages that even the most powerful machines can destroy.

This is something to consider because we can use these hedges to cover us while hitting our enemies in any part of your body without running any risk. This little trick will come in handy to defeat some of the heaviest fighting of the game if it costs us to overcome them.

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