For Honor Strategy Guide (combat tips, combos, attacks, tricks)

The For Honor Strategy Guide will help you become a better player

In this guide will provide you in For Honor strategy guide how to use the best combat and give you best in-game tips, combos and tricks that will help you stay strong in battles and eventually win more than what you would lose. For Honor is an online multiplayer in with you will use your warrior to help out and take out your opponent.  Below take a look at a few strategy guides of For Honor that will help you in the battle. To know more about for honor take a look at our Startup Guide, Strategy guide, Level Up Fast.

Combat Tips

When you are fighting against any opponent what you don’t want to do is rush at them at all, is best if you sense what they are trying to do

Is best to fight 1vs1 then 1vs2 or eve 1vs3, you most likely will lose the fight

If you encounter more than one opponent at a time, try to separate them by making them follow you and you can go easily 1vs1

Revive your friends as soon as you can, the longer you take the longer you will be alone

Combos and Attacks

Is a better strategy sometime to play defensively which allows you to counter attack your opponent and deliver a bigger blow.

Parry attacks are very important and can only be performed at a perfect time when your opponents attack you and you counter them before they hit you. Parry is very precise and will take you some time to master it.

Execute opponents this allows you to take your opponent out and the only way in which they come back is to wait to respawn. Do execution so you wont allow them to get revived by your opponent.

Revenge Mode is activated once you block enough of your opponents attacks and you will be able to turn on. Revenge Mode which gives you stronger attacks and make you unstoppable and can defeat just about any opponent if you have revenge mode activated.

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