For Honor How To Level Up Guide (character, gear)

For Honor How to Level Up Guide will help you gain xp fast as you begin the game

In this guide will provide you with some great ways For Honor How to Level Up your character, gear and the best way to do it. There are various ways in which you can level up your character the fastest way. As we play the game we will provide you with various ways in which you can level up in for honor.  In For Honor is very important that we can level up  fast to take advantage of better loot, gear and be stronger that your other opponents.

The higher up you are the better loot drop you will be getting in the game and you can acquire different type of medals that will help you progress in the game along with weapons and gear that you can dismantle. To know more about for honor take a look at our Startup Guide, Strategy guide, Level Up Fast.

Level up for Revenge Mode Gear which helps you level Up faster and acquire gear that helps  your range mode. Below you can see you get 3 options but you will want to do it for “Revenge Gain by Defense”. Will show you later on a quick guide on revenge mode.

  • Feat Cooldown Reduction
  • Revenge Mode Defense
  • Revenge Gain by Defense

The more attacks you defend the faster your meter goes up and you can even farm for 2 vs 1 gear

For Honor XP Fast

For Honor getting more Iron is very important as-well as getting XP. Below will help you on how you can get XP before you even start the game and as you start playing that will help you purchase better gear before you go into battle.

  • Complete Practice gives you 2000 points
  • How to play gives you 1500 points
  • Deluxe and Gold gives you champion status
    • The deluxe Stuff also includes ‘seven-day champion status’, while the gold edition gives 30-day champion status
  • give you 25% experience boost and obtain more salvage from dismantling gear
  • You also give a 10% XP boost to others just by playing with them on a team

Take a look at the video below that goes in details about For Honor Level up

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