Halo Wars 2 Skulls Locations (Collecting a Dream Achievement) Guide

The Halo Wars 2 Skulls Locations Strategy Guide will help you find all in the game.

Welcome to the Halo Wars 2 Skulls location guide for all the different type of items that you need to find in the game. There are 15 locations that are throughout the different missions in the game, you would have to find all the 15 locations skulls to unlock the three different achievements for the Xbox One and PC.

  • Alas, poor Yorick!” (10 G) — Collect a Skull
  • Morbid curiosities” (20 G) — Collect half of the Skulls
  • Collecting a dream” (30 G) — Collect all the Skulls

When you unlock one skull you are able to turn on the effect and use it as you progress through the game. Take a look at the complete Halo Wars 2 Skulls Location guide to find all the hidden ones that you missed or can’t find. There are multiple skulls and different missions such Mission 8 and 10 and others have more than one skull that you need to find if you have any problems finding them in the game to be able to unlock your achievements don’t worry just take a look at the guide below that will help you find all the skulls in the game. There are 12 missions in the game that will provide you a complete walkthrough of it as you complete your gameplay.

For more on Halo Wars 2 check our complete Strategy Guide below links that will help you complete the game and find everything such Collectibles hidden items, phoenix logs that are throughout the entire game.  For a complete strategy guide and walkthrough on Halo Wars 2, Phoenix Logs check out the links. 

Halo Wars 2 Skulls Locations (Missions)

Below are the timings where you can find all the Halo wars 2 Skull Locations in the different missions of the game.

Mission 2:
Skull #1 2:00

Mission 3:
Skull #1 2:36
Skull #2 2:56

Mission 4:
Skull #1 3:20

Mission 5:
Skull #1 3:58

Mission 6:
Skull #1 4:46

Mission 7:
Skull #1 4:59

Mission 8:
Skull 1 5:25
Skull 2 5:25

Mission 9:
Skull #1 5:50

Mission 10:
Skull #1 7:50
Skull #2 7:50

Mission 11:
Skull #1 8:13

Mission 12:
Skull #1 8:30
Skull #2 8:30

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