Halo 5 Guardians All skull locations in the Campaign

Halo 5 Guardians All skull locations in the Campaign will help you find all 13.

In this guide will show you how to find all the halo 5 Guardians Skull Locations in the campaign that you will need to unlock as you advance through the game. Follow our complete halo 5 skull location guide to help you find each of them is all the different missions. In the first mission Osiris you will find the IWHBYD Skull in which is a rare combat dialog becomes more common, and as you progress you will find the Iron Skull, black Eye and much more. See below the complete list and how to find all the Skull Locations in the game.

TOC: Legendary Walkthrough | Achievements | Unlock Helioskrill Armor | Halo 5 Weapons | Intel Locations

All 13 Halo 5 Guardians Skull Locations

  • Iron – Cannot revive/be revived
  • Black Eye – Shields do not recharge until you melee enemies
  • Tough Luck – Enemies berserk, always dive, and never flee
  • Catch – Enemies are grenade happy
  • Fog – Motion sensor is disabled
  • Famine – Weapons drop less ammo
  • Thunderstorm – Enemy abilities upgraded
  • IWHBYD – Rare combat dialog becomes more common
  • Grunt Birthday Party – Head shot a grunt for a surprise
  • Cowbell – Acceleration from explosions increased
  • Blind – HUD and first-person arms/weapon hidden
  • Mythic – Increased enemy health
  • Tilt – Enemy resistances/weaknesses enhanced

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