Halo 4 Terminals locations guide

Halo 4 Terminals will guide you on finding all the different locations in the game.

halo 4 terminals

Halo 4 Terminals are located through the entire game in which you will need to find all 7 terminals. The game comes with different missions that you will need to complete and in each one you may or not locate different terminals but we have a quick guide to show you how to locate them all. The Halo 4 Terminal are hidden in the campaign only, once you gather one you will unlock the contact the domain achievement and when you locate all the 7 Terminals you will you get to unlock the Terminus achievement and complete all the collectibles for the hidden terminals in the game. One great thing you get by just fining on terminal is that you get to unlock video to your Halo Waypoint app to watch your stats and much more. Follow the complete Halo 4 Terminals Location guide to help you find all in the missions that are in.

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halo 4 terminals

Halo 4 Terminals Locations

Terminal 1: Midnight
Before completing the mission, You will take on two big hunter, go to the tower and is located through the hall and underneath a ramp.

Terminal 2: Composer
Take out the bad Prometheans, look up near the rocky shapes, there you will notice entrances and the terminal is located straight ahead.

Terminal 3: shudown
This terminal is located one you stop watching the cinematic scenes

Terminal 4: Reclaimer
Once you got Cortana you will see an elvator ahead of you, to the right of the elevator you will find a hallway that lead you to the next terminal.

Terminal 5: Infinity
This terminal is located in the production tower, you will go straight to a large room that is located in the back section.

Terminal 6: Forerunner
Head to the section where the atrium building is located andyou will find the next terminal between the rocks.

Terminal 7: Requiem
One you touch ground you will need to go through different rooms or areas, once you enter the third area you will find the next terminal located behind the pillar.

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