Halo 4 Skulls Locations Guide

The Halo 4 Skulls Locations are located in the single player campaign

halo 4 Skulls Locations

Halo 4 Skulls locations can only be found in the single player campaign of the game in which you will need to find all 4 to unlock  items. Follow the video guide here or the written part to find all the different locations that are located in the single player campaign only. Once you unlock all the skulls in the game you will be able to unlock cheats, tips on completing the game and different effects in the game to get you through the missions and the Skullduggery Achievement in the game in a Heroic or harder Mode only. Follow the complete Halo 4 Skulls guide to get you through all the locations in game.

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This is what each of the 13 skulls that are located in HALO 4 due and what each one will require you to do.

1. Black Eye Skull: Shields don’t recharge unless your melee enemies.
2. Blind Skull: Hud and the first person arms and weapon are hidden.
3. Catch Skull: Enemies become grenade happy.
4. Cloud Skull: The Motion sensor are disabled.
5. Cowbell Skull: Explosions timing is increased.
6. Famine Skull: Weapons uses much less ammo, 50% less.
7. Grunt Birthday Party Skull: Headshot a Grunt.
8. Iron Skull: Co-op: Back to previous checkpoint on death Mode. Solo: Restart mission on death Mode.
9. IWHBYD Skull: Any Rare combat dialogue becomes more common that ever.
10. Mythic Skull: Enemies increased health.
11. Thunderstorm Skull: Upgrade to the capabilities of enemies.
12. Tilt Skull: All Enemies resistances and weaknesses are increased, dam.
13. Tough Luck Skull: Enemies always go out of control and more violent, always dive out of the way, and never flee.

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