Grand Theft Auto 5 Submarine Pieces Locations Guide

You can find the Grand Theft Auto 5 submarine pieces locations during Trevor’s missions.

Grand Theft Auto 5 submarine

The Grand Theft Auto 5 submarine pieces locations can be found in the mission submarine. There are 30 submarine pieces that you will have to find. Once you find the 30 pieces Abigail appears on the Sonar Collections. Follow along the complete guide that we have provided you.

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GTA 5 Submarine Pieces

1. On the seafloor between the two large, broken pieces of sunken plane fuselage. Notice the nearby Health Kit pickup.

2. Remain under water and swim in the direction of the white expanding locator ring on the radar. This one is on the bottom level of the sunken airplane’s broken fuselage.

3.  this one is over the edge of a steep sea ledge. slightly inside a lone jet engine. Now swim back to the surface and get in ihe’Dinghy; the next one is some ways away.

4. By the seabed in shallow water behind a detached tail motor from a downed airliner. Be careful of sharks in ihis area.

5. lnside a large sunken cargo plane fuselage. Each end of the cargo hold is ripped open. A Submarine Piece and Armor are at the tail end, and a Hidden Package is at the opposite end. Swim out of the plane’s west end, and then swim down over the steep ravine to find the next piece.

6. underneath piece 5. Swim through the crevice underneath the sunken plane’s fuselage. Then search at the bottom of the ravine on the seafloor. It’s below the skeleton of a wing.

7. ln open water on the seabed behind the front ponion of a downed airiiner. lt’s next to the broken landing gear.

8. lnside the front section of the airliner fuselage. Now swim back to the sudace and locate the Dinghy. Drive to the next piece further south.

9. Behind the wheelhouse under the stairs on the sunken ship’s main deck. Find a briefcase of money on the upper deck near the wheelhouse and a Sniper Rifle in the silt behind the ship.

10. On a coral-covered sheet of metal. Grab the Armor from the side of the boat near the seawall.

11. ln the Port of Los Santos, tucked under the bridge, lt’s behind the bridge suppons, very close to the bulkhead. Now reenter the Dinghy and follow the port eastward.

12. At the pulley end of a broken crane arm in the shallow, pod water silt.

13. ln the shallow canal water within the rusted metal frame.

14. ln the shallow water at the bow of the Ocean Motion ship. Near a group of old pier supports.

15. ln shallow water off the starboard side of the Ocean Motion ship in the Poft of Los Santos. lt’s in the silt near rusted metal framework.

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