Grand Theft Auto 5 Stunt Jumps Locations

Th Grand Theft auto 5 will show you how to acquire the different jumps in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Spaceship Locations

Take a look at our guide in which it will show you how to acquire all the different grand theft auto 5 stunt jumps locations in the game. In precious game there were 50 Stunt Jumps Locations that were found in the game and now in Los Santos we need to look for some spots in the game. We’ve assembled this guide that covers stunt locations and tips, and it even includes video clips of each stunt being perform as we complete them. Follow along all the different details of how to acquire all these jumps locations in the game which will be in the different cities that you go to. The Stunt Jumps are not part of the game that will help you unlock the different achievement or trophies. Once you complete all the stunt jumps you will be rewarded with the Show Off achievement and trophy that is in the game.

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Part 1: Jumps 1 – 10 Part 2: Jumps 11 – 20
Grand Theft Auto 5 Stunt Jumps Locations Guide (Part 2)

1. Vinewood Hills
2. Littte Seoul
3. North Calfia Way (Alamo Sea)
4. Pateto Bay
5. Raton Pass (Mount Josiah)
6. Through Parking Garage (Downtown)
7. Parking Garage & Over Peaceful Street
8. Del Perro Freeway Overpass (Downtown)
9. Equality Way (Del Perro)
10. Rockford Plaza (Vinewood)
11. lnto Richman
12. El Gordo Lighthouse
13. Prison Jump (Grand Senora Desert)
14. Pillbox Hill Stairs (Downtown)
15. Pagoda (Little Seoul)
16. BoatShop Sprqnk Ramp

17. South Los Santos Garage
18. Pillbox Overpass (Downtown)
19. Construction Site (Paleto Bay)
20. Under the Overpass (Grand Senora Desert)
21. Golf course
22. Dockyard River (South Los Santos)
23. Sandy Shores Motel
24. reway to Drain (East Vinewood)
25. Multi-Story Garage (South Los Santos)
26. La Puerta Freeway Switch
27. Airport Jump 1
28. The Jetty (Det Perro)
29. Sandy Shores Landing Strip
30. La Puerta Drain Jump 1
31. Terminal (Port of Los Santos)
32. wind Farm
33. Buccaneer Way (Port of Los Santos)

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