Grand Theft Auto 5 Customization Clothes, Outfits Guide

Grand Theft Auto 5 clothing and outfit guide will give you the necessary info to manage it.

Grand theft auto 5 Customization Clothes

Grand Theft Auto 5 Customization of clothing and outfit guide will provide you on how to best fit your characters. Main thing is that you do have enough money so you can spend the money and dress up your character with great clothing. From changing your shoes, shirt, pants and many other different types of customization is what the game allows you to do.

One pointless thing that i saw in the game was once you leave one character and go back to them after a while, they usually have something different on. Making choosing clothing you like on them pointless.

Main focus here about clothing is don’t sped to much as it changes without you doing it yourself. But if you want to do change your wear then earn as much money so you can spend it on the 3 different characters in the game. Michail, Trevor and Franklin each have their own style of war but you do need money to purchase good clothing.

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