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Gotham Knights Review - Is the Game Worth Buying? – GamerFuzion

Gotham Knights Review – Is the Game Worth Buying?

Gotham Knights Review – Is the Game Worth Buying?

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Gotham Knights review, one of the most hyped games of 2022, yet one of the most scrutinized games of 2022 as well. Today, we’re going to be talking about it. This game is worth your time. But most importantly, is this game worth your money?

Hence this being a no bias review. I’m actually going to give you the score this game, not before we go ahead and dove deeper. Now, I do want to let you guys know this score does represent me playing it on PC. I have an additional score for console, but you guys are definitely going to want to stay tuned for the review.

This game got a 85 out of 100 in our no B.S. meter. You want to find out how exactly we got to that number and why then definitely stay tuned for the rest of the review. So like always, let’s go ahead and get started with the story in Gotham Knights. Guys, you are going to be in charge of avenging Batman’s death, not only avenging his death, but also taking back control of a city that has gone in complete chaos due to Batman dying.

There is a brand new criminal underground society known as the Court of Owls. They have taken a complete grasp of not only the city, but every other villain as well. They want to control the city and they want to dominate it. It’s up to you and any of the bat-family to take back control of the City of Gotham and save its citizens from ultimate chaos.

Now you’ll be tasked with solving mysteries, connecting the darkest chapters of the history city, defeating notorious villains and epic confrontations not only against thugs, but also some of the most iconic villains in the Batman series. Gotham Knight is an open world action RPG, and it’s definitely one of the most dynamic and interactive Gotham cities we’ve seen yet. We’re going to talk a little bit more when we talk about the gameplay.

But guys, the city kind of takes a big part within this game due to the fact that there is a lot of more to find in the game and also a lot of familiar places that you’ve grown accustomed to by not only watching the movies, but also playing the Arkham Knight series. Now, I do want to make this point very clear before we get into the gameplay.

If you’re coming in with the mindset that this is a continuation to Arkham, then this is definitely not the way you want to approach this game. This is a completely, entirely different game and you’re going to want to make sure you make that separation so you can appreciate how good this game is. Now, in addition to that, tying in to the story, guys, there are five distinct boroughs that, like I said, you are going to become very familiar to and should be accustomed to.

If you ever watch any of the Batman series or you did play Arkham. Now, with the story being set in place, let’s talk about the gameplay. The gameplay in Gotham Knights is something very fluid. When I say fluid, I mean that it gives you the advantage of tasking whatever task you want to take first and not being kind of set in stone, which task you have to complete.

You want to go and fight crime without doing any mission. You can go fight crime without doing any mission. You want to go and defeat a very bad villain or any Konik villain. You can go and fight every kind of villain. You want to complete the storyline before fighting any iconic villain. You could do that. And that is one thing I love about the game.

The game does not tell you down to playing the game at a certain pattern. You’re actually able to play the game, not only at your pace, but also in the way you.

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