Ghost Recon Wildlands How to Find Any Weapon and Attachments (easy guide)

In this guide will help you in Ghost Recon Wildlands How to Find Any Weapon and attachments

Want to know where all the Ghost Recon Wildlands Weapons and attachments are located in the game. The following steps are easy steps to follow for you to located any weapon or attachments that you want:

Step 1: Go into load outs screen and highlight the weapon/attachment you desire. This will let you know what are to look for the weapon or attachment in the game.

Step 2: Go into that area, get an intel cache. The first Intel cache will give you the locations of the skill points.

Step 3: Find a second intel cache. The second intel cache will let you find all the weapons/attachments in the area.

Step 4: Pull up the tacmap and highlight the weapon icons until you find the desired weapon/attachment.

Hope this steps above help you find in ghost recon wildlands any attachment or weapon is the game. If you want more here is a complete walkthrough or find all the intel locations, unlock any weapon.

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