Ghost Recon Wildlands Best Weapons to Get – Weapon Guide

In this guide will provide you for Ghost Recon Wildlands Best weapons to get

The more than a hundred missions between main and secondary cycle changes and the vast amount of fixed and moving targets makes this title one of the greatest games ever created by Ubisoft. Often we will be helping Bolivian rebels, looking for resources and trying to get the best Ghost Recon Wildlands weapons

Wildlands can be played stealthily or direct. We’ll have to choose how we want to overcome the different phases and will use different weapons and equipment as we decant by one or the other. However, do not worry for failing the first missions. With our guide you will find the best weapons you can in Wildlands.

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You can upgrade your weapons and altering the pistols when using spare parts different from the original model. Throughout the creation of this guide we developed several rifles that serve both direct attack and stealth. We have compiled these findings on the best weapons in Wildlands, although due to the recent launch of the game is possible that appear many more. All weapons that you attach can appear throughout the game.

  • ACR (assault rifle): Can you unlock the assault rifle in the Middle region Moon. The ACR is probably one of the best weapons of Wildlands. Has a very high statistical base damage and is easy to control, both full auto mode. Of course, it loses some accuracy when shooting, but is a feature that can pass for high considering its great power of impact.
  • TAR-21 (assault rifle): The TAR-21 a very powerful rifle capable of taking down most of the enemies thanks to its high firepower and rapid rate of fire. This makes the TAR-21 in one of the best weapons in Wildlands, especially to take down enemies ranging in vehicles.
  • MK249 (Light Machine Gun). Most of the light machine guns are quite unpredictable, but that’s not the case for the MK249, one of the best weapons in its class. With a pretty decent statistics and scope management, the MK249 can completely lift the enemy defenses without using too much ammunition.
  • Scorpion EVO 3 (submachine gun): Although the accuracy and range of this gun leaves much to be desired. Not only because it has a high rate of fire, but also because the handling of this weapon is extremely comfortable. This is due to its wonderful recoil control that allows you to defeat hordes of enemies.
  • PSG (submachine gun): If you are looking for a gun more compact and more precision machine gun, then get your PSG in San Mateo. PSG is one of the best weapons in Wildlands precisely because of its high accuracy of shot that rewards players who take the time to aim.
  • L115A3 (Sniper Rifle): This rifle is undoubtedly one of the best wildlands weapons. Not only it has a high precision, a very high damage and a high rank, but its penetration power is really powerful. The L1153A is ideal for dealing with patrols are guarding, but also to bring down armored jeeps or even helicopters.
  • SPAS-12 (Shotgun): For those who enjoy an experience of direct and brutal game, the SPAS-12 is its great ally. You can clean rooms without much problem.

Unlock new weapons in Wildlands is really simple once you learn the basics. Around the map there are boxes containing items such as new weapons, equipment and accessories for weapons to as silencers, compensators or guns. In addition, some bosses will stop high-powered weapons once you beat them.


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