How to get Your Nintendo Switch Account ID

Will show you how to get your Nintendo Switch Account ID

Faced with the imminent launch of Nintendo Switch, you can now get your own Nintendo Switch Account ID. You know that here will link your previous account 3DS or Wii U, as it will be the only way to play on the new console of the company.

To claim your unique Nintendo switch ID in 3 ways, and see them below.

    • A Nintendo Account: The e-mail and password combination through which you access the great majority of Nintendo services.
    • Nickname: However you want to be referred to by Nintendo services, i.e. your first name.
    • Nintendo Network ID: How Nintendo users interfaced with the Wii U’s and 3DS’s eShop and Miiverse.

After carrying out the steps, you get a single Nintendo account, Nintendo will work on switch. The company still does not detail the functions of these accounts, but we are sure will be useful to access the multiplayer and other online services Nintendo.

On the other hand, if you have no account but you estrenarás your Nintendo Switch next week, then you can create your own Nintendo . You just need to create a username, sign up with your email, password and other data.

Nintendo Switch will debut in less than two weeks, as the system will be available on March 3.

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