How to get Destiny’s Vanguard and Pre-Order bonuses (Armory)

How to get Destiny’s Vanguard and Pre-order bonuses? Well many of you seem too lost, and I don’t blame you but is your lucky day as GamerFuzion provides you with the location where to get your Destiny Vanguard and pre-orders:

Below find the steps in how to get the Vanguard armory and other items and in another post i will show you what vanguards are for and much more details. Enjoy and please RT!

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  1. Of course you need to turn on your PS4 and Navigate to Destiny’s Live Area on your PS4’s XMB.
  2. Scroll down to the “Related Items” tab.
  3. Click on View All to see all 🙂
  4. Download your pre-order bonuses and Vanguard Armory pack.
  5. Now this is where is tricky (JK) Start up Destiny and head to the Tower.
  6. Go to the Postmaster to grab your pre-order bonuses.
  7. Go to the hangar and you’ll find the Vanguard Quartermaster (the robot that looks like Johny 5) who has your Vanguard weapons.

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