Gears of war Collection and Xbox One Bundle coming 2015?

Gears of war Collection and Xbox One Bundle coming 2015?

It was inevitable. With the success of the remasters, sooner or later we would see a Gears of War;today made the announcement official.

Through a press release, Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, confirmed the arrival of a collection that collects the original trilogy of Gears of War in one package. Not only this, he also sent a special bundle for Xbox One themed with graphic details of the exemption, a 1TB hard drive and a control equally motif of the series. We could not find a press release, but does look tempting!

The approximate date of release of this package is November 2015. Along with Gears of War Collection, a limited edition console will be launched to celebrate acclaimed franchise. This package contains the following items:

– Xbox One themed with 1TB hard drive.

– Gears of War Collection.

– 1 themed Control.

– Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

– Chat Headset Xbox One.

– 1 month free subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

– Access to exclusive weapon skins for the console.

We can go as far as October 2014 and we just wonder about it and could there be!!

The above tweet puts it in question. Do you think this could be possible or is just something we may never see? Let us know what you think?

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