Gears of War 4 History lays the foundation for a new trilogy

Gears of War 4 History lays the foundation for a new trilogy

In a recent interview, some members of staff development The Coalition stated that Gears of War 4 is constructed such that its history as a basis for a new trilogy of the Xbox franchise.

In addition, Creative also discussed possible new directions that the saga could take and to what extent the game universe would expand to unsuspected borders. “We talk about things like alternative planets and things like that, but decided to stay in it because we have the opportunity to revisit old places and use specific weapons.” Said Rod Fergusson.

From this it was that took the road to introduce a new generation of heroes, as the son of Marcus, JD Fenix. According to Fergusson, the full story of this game will take only one night, beginning in the afternoon and ending in the morning. JD and his team must survive the night and find the mother of his partner Kate. Interestingly, Fergusson also clarified that they do not intend to tell a great story in the style of The Last of Us . They seek to create a world and solid characters that possible return again and again in a fun way.

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