Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Improvements after the Beta

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Improvements after the Beta

As you remember, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was a beta that began at the start of E3 2015; for a week, testing the multiplayer was found available for Xbox One. Now, The Coalition, developer of the franchise study revealed a list of changes and adjustments that were done to the game based on the feedback.

According to the post published by The Coalition, the study received a lot of feedback from users, this in order to improve the game. The weapon balance, improved performance, blood and audio adjustments are just some of the improvements.

  • Corrections and adjustments Gnasher shotgun.
  • Corrections for grenades, Boomshot and Torque Bow.
  • Settings for the audio of the steps and other sounds of the player’s environment.
  • Improvements to King of the Hill, including the ability to adjust to the competitive game mode.
  • Removed Sniper Longshot with active recharge.
  • Bug fixes and tuning based matchmaking skills.
  • Improved shade of red / blue colors for Locust / COG equipment.
  • Improving the appearance of blood and gore in the game
  • Error correction and adjustments to the sensitivity of the controls.
  • Multiple error correction maps, weapons, matchmaking, audio and controls.

The Beta of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition ended on June 24, and had more than 1 million of games played and more than 700,000 unique players. The Ultimate Edition will be available August 25 for the Xbox One at a price of $39.99.

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