Gears of War: Ultimate Edition COG Tags Locations Guide

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition COG Tags Locations Guide

If you completed the Gears of War Ultimate Edition then here is another fun thing to do. Follow our Gears of War Ultimate Edition Cog Tags locations that are scattered around all the different acts and chapters in the game. You will be collecting 33 cog tags in Gears of War Ultimate Edition which is the same amount that was on the PC version.  Once you collect all 33 cog tags locations in the game you will unlock the following achievements:

Time to Remember – Recover 11 COG tags
Honor-Bound – Recover 22 COG tags
For the Fallen – Recover all 33 COG tags

As you play the game you will need to look around for the different cog tags that are scattered, but you can follow our Gears of War Ultimate Edition Walkthrough and our detail video in which we show you all the different section if you don’t want to read where they are.

As you collect any cog tag you will also unlock a page in one of the comic books, with all books unlocking once all tags are retrieved. Here is the complete guide to Gears of Wars Ultimate Edition Cog Tags Locations.

Act 1 – Ashes

Cog Tag 1: 14 Years After E-Day – The first label is located after escaping from his prison cell. Upon entering the large cell block with the rubble in the center, he got into the barrier of rubble in search of a skull marking. The Cog label is on the floor below it.
Cog Tag 2: 14 years after E-day – In the large room with the door leading out into the prison yard, got into the pillars on the left side of the camera. There is a marker skull above a cache of ammunition, along with a number of labels.
Cog Tag 3: 14 years after E-Day – Leaving the prison courtyard, up the stairs just ahead on the left. There are easily visible on the outside wall of the left hand skull. The label is in front of the skull in the corner near the medial wall of the terrace.
Cog Tag 4: Fireproof – As the chapter begins, Marcus a helicopter and headed down steps in a dilapidated structure. Turn off the few enemies of locusts, then look in the rear left corner. One pillar shows a prominent symbol skull. The label itself is to the right of the net after some cover.
Cog Tag 5: Fireproof – Entering inside the stone structure, will have to deal with an emergency hole with Locust reinforcements. Clear out, then check behind the hole or left of the exit door to find a label.
Cog Tag 6: fish in a barrel – The monument source square, Marcus and his team will defend against several waves of Locust coming out of the holes. Clear the area, then look around the base of the stairs on the left.
Cog Tag 7: Knock Knock – As storm of locusts in the House of Sovereigns court may notice a white van parked on the steps. From the truck, go straight to the left corner of wall with hanging plants weeds. The zipper tab is hidden there.
Cog Tag 8: Hammer – Climbing the stairs, you get to a hallway with a window boarded up after struggling through miserable. While his robot opens the door, go to the window and look behind the window along the right wall.
Cog Tag 9: Hammer – In the small chapel, killing the evil invaders then enter the door behind the pulpit. There is a dead on the floor inside soldier. Look for a hole to the right of the corpse.
Cog Tag 10: China shop – At the beginning of the chapter, you will be in a safe corridor with the Hammer of Dawn. N. find the corpse around the corner, on the right just ahead. He has the following Cog label.
Cog Tag 11: China shop – Inside catacomb / tomb, you have to attract the Berserker so she breaks through solid doors. Get through the door that leads past a statue to another room with another door to crush. Before you do, look for a hole to the left of the exit.
Cog Tag 12 China Shop – Returning outside, you will appear in a courtyard with a gazebo inaccessible. Before the bombing of Berserker with the Hammer of Dawn and kill him, turn left as you enter and follow the outer wall of a symbol of the skull. The label is nearby, behind a column to the right of the skull.



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