Gears of War Judgment Review

A month after Emergence Day, Halvo Bay City is about to fall, in Gears of War Judgment Lieutenant Baird has a plan to stop them, at any cost! 

gears of war Judgment review

In Gears of War Judgment Review we will let you know how Judgment day started. Set one month after the Locust invading the planet Sera, the game puts us in the shoes of the four soldiers Kilo Squad (Baird, Cole, Paduk and Sofia), in their quest for a light mass bomb with which execute to Karn , larvae Army general. First, Baird and Cole are already old acquaintances of the series, as they have been all the games and even in the third installment had its small role in taking the lead in a chapter. This time, we see a younger version of both. Damon Baird is a soldier recently promoted to lieutenant, while Augustus Cole just left the palizabol sport, which was a star, to join the army of the Coalition Governments sorted. Furthermore, Garron Paduk and Sophia Hendrick poke their heads for the first time in the franchise.The first is a former commander of the Union of Independent Republics, the side that faced the CGO in the Pendulum Wars. The second is a newcomer cadet, although, at the time, acted as a war correspondent in that civil war between humans.

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Much of the adventure is told in flashback form: through testimony of the four protagonists in a court of war, he recalls what led them to disobey the order to defend the military museum of the city of Halvo Bay. Thus, in every act play with one of them, while in the background, you can hear some of his statements to the Colonel Loomis, promoter of the trial in which they are accused of being traitors.

There is a dozen firearms, including no shortage of the Lancer, the Gnasher shotgun, bow and other tools explosive previous deliveries. There are several additions, such as Markza and Breechshot, which are two sniper rifles much more agile than the Longshot, or Booshka, a grenade launcher projectile delayed effect. It also included two new grenades, used mainly in multiplayer: Pomegranate locator, which reveals the position of nearby enemies, and exhilarating gas, which heals and becomes invulnerable to bullets currents has close allies.

The executions are a part of the feast of flesh that lay at our disposal Locust. Cleave enemies with the chainsaw Lancer, ensartarlos with Retro Lancer bayonet or reduce them to hash with the shotgun are spectacular and fun guaranteed.

gears of war judgment review

campaign Mode features three new consideration. First, is the star system , which means that, at the end of each section, receive a score of one to three stars, as we have caused casualties, the headshots, executions, or logos. Second, the so-called “Smart Spawn System” makes enemies and their arrangement on the battlefield vary every time we play, so it never repeats the same pattern of appearance of enemies. For example, if we die and have to restart a section, you’ll notice differences.

Third, is the declassified missions , which are small challenges that we can activate at the beginning of each section and slightly modifying the testimony of the protagonists, which results in the development of standards. For example, you may remember the characters have gone through an area with very low visibility, because of dust or lack of light. You may also remember having to use a certain weapon for staying out of ammo other, or that the Locust attack with powerful tools such as One-Shot deadly.

The standard campaign lasts six hours, to which must be added another two hours of additional act “Impact”, which is unlocked when you get 40 stars to score, something that is quite easy. This additional chapter is set in the final stretch of Gears of War 3 , twenty-four hours before the final outcome. In it, there is what they did Baird, Cole and Carmine after Marcus Fenix ​​send them to seek resources for the final assault on the CGO Azura. Thus, the three travel back to Halvo Bay, where they recovered a ship that has been stranded on top of a building … Yes, what you read . The development recovers elements of the third installment, like humans Lambent. However, this season there is no star bonus scoring or declassified missions.

gears of war judgment review

The cooperative has always been an essential point in the series. Thus, in Judgment , up to four people can share the adventure, as happened in the third game (in the first two, only two users could share game). Nothing like fighting shoulder to shoulder with three friends.

Moreover, the final bosses absent. There are only two, and one of them is the everlasting Berserker, which we saw in the first and third delivery. The other, of course, is the General Karn, whose charisma is nonexistent. The predecessor of Raam, Skorge or the Locust Queen is largely untapped as an antagonist.

The reason the Kilo team to disobey orders and some dialogues are police court. “I shoot, kill”, even says Sofia on occasion, probably as periphrastic nod to René Descartes and his “I think, therefore I am”. The Emergence Day could have given more of themselves.

The biggest change comes on the heels of the multiplayer, whose development is more frenzied than ever. On one hand, the format has been removed by rounds to bet on games in which the final marks a predetermined number of deaths, so there is immediate respawns after dying. Furthermore, the movements are more flexible since, for example, can jump from elevated positions, which before had no place. This might not like some, but it makes the game more accessible and less frustrating as it was a pain before dying at the beginning of a round and have to wait. In fact, you can play even “offline” multiplayer modes, with AI-controlled characters.

The undisputed star mode is Invasion , based on defending and attacking targets with high strategic component. There are two rounds: in the first, one side controls the CGO and the other, the Locust, the second, the roles are reversed. The team that manages to open before the two holes of the Emergency and destroy the generator there. To add more interest to the subject, there are several fortifications around objects. The greatest charm of this game mode is the presence of very different classes, each of which has different weapons and a unique ability that can only be used from time to time.

The side of the CGO has four classes. The engineer has a repair tool and can deploy sentries fortifications. The soldier can supply ammo boxes to resupply their peers, while the browser can climb sheer walls and throw grenades locator. Finally, the doctor stimulant gas grenade launchers, returning to his teammates invulnerable for a few seconds and can even resurrect, if dead.

gears of war judgment review

The side of Locuts has eight classes, and is the one that is more fun to play. At the beginning of the game, we can only choose four classes (ticker, infamous, Grenadier and Kantus), but as we get points, we can spend in the other four classes, each more powerful (rager, serapede, and mauler Corpser). The ticker can bite fortifications and implode, while the infamouscan jump over obstacles. The Grenadier , as its name suggests, you can throw grenades (which, in turn, can eat a ticker, to generate larger explosions), while the Kantus can heal team. The rager can become to cause further damage, while the serapede bites and poison spear. The mauler , meanwhile, paste sledgehammer and can bounce the bullets of the enemies by turning his shield. Finally, the Corpser can burrow underground to overcome the fortifications and armored legs make it difficult to bring down. With all that, the strategic possibilities are as vast as rewarding.

Invasion also has a variant called Survival, focusing only on the cooperative. In it, five soldiers of the CGO must defend the two holes of the emergency and the generator over ten waves.

Gears of War Judgment is a frenzy of fun and has excellent gameplay and a technical section of infarction. Furthermore, declassified missions and the star system to give the adventure package.

GamerFuzion gives it 8.5/10

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