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Gears of War Judgment Locust Class Guide – GamerFuzion

Gears of War Judgment Locust Class Guide

Gears of War Judgment Locust Class looks too powerful!

As a locust you win points for the damage that you inflict on your enemy and defenses and use the points to unlock more ugly and badder locust to help you fight in the rounds of each match. Each locust which is outlined below has a different type of style and strenght to fill in the blank spots where other locusts are not. The Gears of War Judgment Locust Class is more scary and huge that the cog and will take some strategy to defeat this locust class.

gear of war judgment locust

Locust Classes

Grenadier – through grenades over defenses and get him on top of a blood mount and he can do a lot faster damage and more.

Wretches – Jump over defenses and scream at enemy and stunt them for a few seconds

Tickers – Jumps Defenses and self destructs

Kantus“Grenadier mauler blood mounts” and heals any locust with his ability

Blood mounts – Carry a grenadier and Kantus

Corpses – Is a tough to kill as it buries under ground and appear at the other side of the cogs to kill them

Serapedes – Attacks with at the enemy and spits poison, the only way to kill it is by destroying the tail.

Mauler – is a giant locust that spins it s shield and mauler and destroys helps him reflect any bullets and destroys into pieces any cogs that gets to close to the spinning shield.

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