Gears Of War Judgment Cog Class Guide

Gears of War Judgment Cog Class shows strength and weaknesses.

During the matches you will need to choose a class as is critical to winning the match. You will need to rely on the strenght from each class to be able to win matches and move up in ranks. Below is a full list of the Gears of War Judgment Cog classes to help you which class to choose when going into battle in the multiplayer mode:

gears of war judgment cog class

Gears of War Judgment Cog Class

Each class below will help you determine what to choose when you and other 3 go in the multiplayer mode against others to give you the best chance to win.

Engineer: Temporary defenses to stop the locust

Soldier: Heavy power and toss ammo his team mates

Medics: Heals and revives the ones that are down to keep the match going without you dying.

Scout: Take high ground and identifies enemies that are coming

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