Gears of War 3 Ribbons Guide and List (Xbox 360)

This is the Gears of war 3 Ribbons guide and full list that you will be getting during the multiplayer. Just by reading the list you can see that this new ribbons will bring much competition and gameplay time.  So see the video guide and list below for all the gears of war 3 ribbons.



    Always Remember Your First – Welcome to Versus! Completed one VS match. (+125)
    Buttoned Up – Spent the most time in cover. (+50)
    Carmine’s Star – Most headshot deaths in a match. (+38)
    Charge – Retro charged 3 victims in a row. (+50)
    Cleaner – Final kill in every round of a match. (+75)
    Contender – Most melee hits in a match. (+25)
    Dead Ringer – Win a match of KOTH by shutting out the opposing team. (+125)
    Death From Beyond – Killed an opponent after you have died. (+50)
    The Double – Two quick kills in a row. (+50)
    Evasive – Least damage taken in a match. (+50)
    Executioner – Most executions in a match. (+50)
    F.I.F.O – First to die in a round. (+25)
    Final Word – Last kill of the match. (+75)
    First Blood – Earn the first kill of the round. (+50)
    First to Fight – First kill in every round of a match. (+75)
    Grenadier – Most grenade kills in a match. (+50)
    Headhunter – Most headshots kills in a match. (+50)
    Killing Spree – Kill 5 opponents without dying. (+75)
    Last Man Out – Last man standing on your team. (+50)
    Methodical – Five executions in a round. (+75)
    MVP – Highest point total for the match. (+100)
    Nemesis – Killed same opponent three times. (+75)
    Oscar Mike – Killed a roadie running opponent with a headshot. (+75)
    Personal Assistant – Assisted 5 kills in a round. (+50)
    Quick Clips – Most perfect Active Reloads in a match. (+50)
    Retribution – Kill your nemesis. (+50)
    Ring Breaker – Break opposing ring 3 times in a round. (+125)
    Ring King – Captured a ring 3 times in a match. (+125)
    Rough Day – Most deaths in a mach. (+38)
    Smooth Operator – Highest K/D ratio in a match. (+75)
    Solid – More kills than deaths in a match. (+25)
    Survivor – Revive yourself twice in a round. (+50)
    Swift Vengeance – Revenge killed your last killer. (+50)
    Team Player – Most assists in a match. (+50)
    Tough Guy – Fewest deaths in a match. (+75)
    Under The Radar – At least you’re here. (+50)
    Well Protected – Most revived player in a match. (+38)

More Multiplayer Map Overiviews





Old Town








Awards, Stats, Weapons, Skins Medals and Ribbons




Chrome Skin

Gold Skin

Infected Omen Skin


Full game walkthrough and Review avialable September 20th at 12:00 am PST.

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