Gears of War 3 Hoarder Achievement Strategy Guide (Xbox 360)

In GOW3 there are a handfull of Collectibles that will need to be gathered. So take a look at the Gears of war 3 hoarder achievement strategy guide to see how to recover all 42 campaign collectibles, in either difficult, standard or arcade mode. See the video achievement guide below to find how to get the hoarder achievement.

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Act 1 Anchored there are 3 collectables


Collectible 1: $20 bill.








Collectible 2: Dom's Psych Report.








Collectible 3: requisition form








Act 1 Abandon Ship


Collectible 4: manual to use the silverback








Act 1 Homecoming there are 3 collectables


Collectible 5: journal on the left sid.








Collectible 6: the child's diary:








Collectible 7: grocey list.








Act 1: Helping Hands

Collectible 8: Times Tribune.








Act 1 MVP

Collectible 9: Cougars Season Program








Collectible 10: Cougar Player Handbook.








Collectible 11: Coles Championship Ring.








Act 1 Hanging by a thread

Collectible 12: Toll Booth tokens








Collectible 13: Bayonet is located righ after the toll booth, look at a small container that is to your righ and you will find it inthere.








Collectible 14: Sightseeing book is located to the righ after you fight the big monster








Act 2, Ship Wreck

Collectible 15: Tomatoes Beginners Guide.








Collectible 16: Octus Medal Diploma.








Collectible 17: Captain Log is located on the rocks in a crate







Act 2 Trench Run

Collectible 18: Locust Hammer.








Act 2 Hijack

Collectible 19: Queen's Symbol.








Act 2 Airborne

Collectible 20: Manifest will be located to the left where the fire is going on due to a crash.








Act 3: Unbreakable

Collectible 21: Water color painting, is located going down the stairs inside the warehouse.








Act 3: Rescue

Collectible 22: Journal is located where you fight berserker.








Act 3: Ghost Town

Collectible 23: Panicked Note.








Collectible 24: Message is lacated after collecting the cog tag inside the deli






Act 3: Brothers to the end

Collectible 25: Air Raid Shelter Sign.








Act 4: Creater

Collectible 26: Journal.








Act 4: Hang em high

Collectible 27: Will be located next to a body but to get there you need to go through the cable fence and stay on your left hand side and you will see the note next to a dead body.








Collectible 28: Old Magazine will be found in the room that is on fire near the exit door. This room is located after you use the cable cart.








Act 4: Batten down the hatches

Collectible 29: Tabloid will be located to the right of the 02 number that is on a door, then you will see a blue container, just go around it and you will find the tabloid.








Act 4: Bon Voyage

Collectible 30: is the Bulletin which you will located after the ambush and when you go down the stairs you will find the bulletin








Collectible 31: Contractor Report








Act 5: Home Away from Home

Collectible 32: Pamphlet is in the station platform








Collectible 33: Assault Plans








Act 5: Blackout

Collectible 34: Schematics is located going to storage 3








Act 5: Shattered Paradise

Collectible 35:  Money Stock will be located at the end of the hallway once you go into the level after defeating the barges.








Collectible 36: Diary is in one of the sofas where the statue of the angel is.








Act 5: Threshold

Collectible 37: Memorial Announcement is in the lower lobby in the level.








Collectible 38: Announcement is in the upper level by the hidden poster.






Act 5: Ascension

Collectible 39: Brochure is in the circular room around the sofas by the pillar.





Collectible 40: Fenix Reseach, the last one is inside the office room by the telescope






Collectible 41: Go Straight between the pilars and the note will be next to pilar.




Collectible 42: head close to the telescope and pick up the last collectible



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