Gears of War 3 all COG Tags Locations and Guide (Xbox 360)

This Gears of War 3 Cog Tags Locations will guide you locating all of them. All the 15 Cog tags are spread out throughout the entire video game and there are some that can very easily miss them and never find them. Just like dog tags in the army Gears of War 3 has his own Cog tags, so watch the gears of war 3 all cog tags locations and get your remember the fallen achievement.

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Act 1 Troubled Past

1/15 cog tag is located at the beginning of troubled past, check the door that is to the right.






Act 1 Anchored

2/15 is located Anchored. When you go outside to the deck on a container where is a big red cog sign, go there around the container and look up to shoot the dead body so it can drop number 2 cog tag.







Choose to search for fuel – As you move through the first ship hanger you'll spot the cog sign on a container below you. Head down below and look next to a blue container.






Act 1 Homecoming

3/15 When you go for grocery shopping the location for the third cog tag is in a room in the back on the desk.






Act 1 Helping Hand

4/15 When you go outside to the dock are, the cog tag will located where the broken wooden is on the pier.






Act 1 Hanging by a thread

5/15  When you go out from the inside to the locust outpost you will see a van, righ next to it is a set of stairs which you will go down and you will find the next cog tag after you go down the stairs.






Act 2 Shipwreck

6/15: The next cog tag is behind the containers where you rescue all you pals from  after getting the captain log, you will find the 6th cog tag.






Act 2 Force Entry

7/15 1. this one is a bit treakie to get. 1. You need to kill all the 5 bad guys with your sniper gun only! 2. After you kill them all very silently with sniper sa magical side door will open, then go in and continue on the path which guides you to the next cog tag location.







8/15 Walk up through the stairs, between the yellow container. After you go up on the stairs you will come to an opening, go through it and you will find the cog tag #8






Act 3, Unbreakable

9/15  Once you go into the warehouse look around for the poster, you will need to go up some stairs, which the path will guide you to a large paointing. 

keep going straight and you will find a small room next to som steps.






Act 3, Ghost Town

10/15: You will start going down some shaky starirs which will lead you to outside where you will see the Deli store. Inside the Deli is the next cog tag






Act 4, Ashes to Ashes

11/15: As you go through this level you will come to where there is two building, see the old ruined building that is on the left side and you will see a wooden shelter. Go around this wooden shelter and you will find the 11th cog tag.






Act 4, Bon Voyage

12/15: At the start of Bon voyage you will choose to search for fuel , go through the first hanger and you will find the 12th cog tag next to the blue container.






Act 4, Blackout

13/15: Get into the silverback and move towards storage number 3, all you have to do is break down the barricated door with the silverback and get the 13th cog tag.






Act 4, Shattered paradised

14/15:  When you are inside the building, after the angel statue scene you will see to the right and right next to a dead body is the 14th cog tag.






Act 5, Ascension

15/15: The last cog tag is located in a dar area where you can use the highlighted mode to highligh boxes which you will need to destroy to find the 15th cog tag





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