Gamepop will run iOS apps on your TV

Gamepop will run iOS apps on your TV


Recently, BlueStacks , emulation company specializing in mobile applications, announced Gamepop, a console that allows you to run games developed for Android on your TV, so it could be direct competition OUYA.

Now, the company was announced that the device will be able to run games specially designed for phones and tablets Apple iOS thanks to a process called LookingGlass.

“Developers really like this a lot, it offers a new way to monetize,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO of the company. Those who have written for iOS apps with BlueStacks will work together to offer their titles via Gamepop.

Sharma said only honestly know what Apple will proceed to the possibility that another device is able to run applications created specifically for mobile platform.

Although no details, the company clarified that he had been careful not to use the code that makes iOS to emulate this platform applications

In the past, BlueStacks announced only support applications based on Android, Google’s operating system, which, unlike its Apple counterpart, is made publicly available open source.

In your page, BlueStacks states that you can have access to 500 mobile games on your TV.Furthermore, the console is in the stage of pre-and will remain free for limited time to hire a monthly service from $ 6.99 USD. The device is priced at $ 129 USD with hundreds of games that are around $250 USD. Is this something you see yourself purchasing?

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