Free Games on the App Store for January 2, 2014

Free Games on the App Store for January 2, 2014

The start of the year the best way for owners of an iOS device: with a good number of fun, great and unique apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Discover with us, day after day, the most interesting so you always have something different to play anytime, anywhere.

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run, one of the best portable titles, and one of the best mobile games of all time, comes through promotion gifts 12 days of Apple, which will be available free for a limited time.Rayman Jungle Run is the most addictive, care and platforms amused from the graphics control, through its playable approach very accessible for gaming laptop-which also include dozens of levels, music that will enrapture you and all the charisma of world. Compatible with Game Center and iPad screen, Rayman Jungle Run is one of those must-download apps. Run her down! See in App Store

Rayman Jungle Run Symmetrain

The most original games are usually the most memorable, and Symmetrain, will be one of those to be recorded fire in our retinas. The concept is original and simple: we must come as soon as possible to the station. But along the way we will find hidden rail-way accidents, route changes, we must overcome obstacles, pressing the brake, slowing and preventing panic among the passengers. At the same time, we can look for differences in the way-as different trees within the symmetry of the stage and climbing lowest positions in the lists of records. Funny, full of detail and highly addictive.Compatible with Game Center and iPad screen. View on the App Store


Super 7

Simple math puzzles and the stars of this entertaining puzzle. Our mission is as simple as curious: perform mathematical operations that result in the number “7” uniting the different orbs floating around the screen. As we use more of them, and more complex the movement, the better the score.Sounds easy, but soon the negative numbers appear, the multplicadores … Very original, compatible with Game Center and iPad screen. View on the App Store

Super 7


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