Final Fantasy Agito will be arriving to America

Final Fantasy Agito will be arriving to America

Through a press release, Square Enix confirmed Tuesday June 10, 2014, that Final Fantasy Agito , which was originally released in Japan on May 14, will also be available in the near future for both Europe and America .

This is an adaptation for iOS and Android Final Fantasy Type-0 , which also just confirm that receive a remastering One Xbox and PS4. Keep the business model free-to-play, which is supported by microtransactions, allowing players to trade items, health and energy points with real money.

This portable edition of the game introduces a new character named Myuu Kaherohi, improved visuals and a story that will evolve according to the decisions of the community, as Square Enix released new chapters each time. In it, players control a group of cadets which will aim to end the war fighting against an established power.


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