Final Fantasy 13-2: The Hands of Time Puzzle Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

The Final Fantasy 13-2: Temporal Rift The Hands of time Puzzle Guide will try to show you how to solve these type of puzzles. I say try because the Hands of Time Puzzle are the most difficult to solve as they are  randomly generated and quite impossible to have one solution.

But here are some tips that wil help you strategize the Hands of Time Puzzles and solve them efficiently.


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Temporal Rift 1: The Hands of Time

Yaschas Massif (100 AF) Location Reward  
  Blocks the lone crystal gate on the map Book of valhalla fragment  
Stage 1: Switches 6 times Stage 2: Switches 8 times Stage 3: Switches 10 times Stage 4: Switches 12 times


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