Final Fantasy 13-2: Temporal Rift Tile Trials Puzzle Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Final Fantasy 13-2 Temporal Rift Tile Trials puzzle will take you through all the puzzles that are scattered throughout the game. Once you complete each puzzle you will be rewarded  with fragment and a sum of Crystogen Points. The Minigame system is called Temporal Rifts where the player must guide the character through the various puzzles.

In Tile Trials thre are two different types of tiles:

Red  tiles will vanish after you go over them and will face after 3 seconds of you standing on it. The white tiles you are able to walk on them twice and ten will turn into red tiles. The Tile Trials are the easier challenges of all the 3 puzzles that you will need to go through. Make sure that you strategize your path or you can take a look at the FF13-2 Tile Trials Puzzle below to see how to complete each puzzle effectively.


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Bresha Ruins (005 AF): Temporal Rift – Tile Trial Location Reward
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Temporal Rift Tile Trials Puzzle Guide You will be able to locate this puzzle as you go through the control device for Atlas in the tunnels in the north section of the map. Delicate Crystal Fragment


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