FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide Beginners to Pros

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide Beginners to Pros

FIFA Ultimate Team is a hybrid form that involves elements of traditional career you already know the album with other cutting and competition. The bold ingredient lies in the envelopes-such as an album-through which real players and items to make are received, little by little, dream a square and measure it against other users. But there is also a complex economy and other factors that are critical in the formation of a team.

For Electronic Arts this is, undoubtedly, a gold mine, but before starting a protest, we must emphasize that there is a classic example of the pay-to-win. Yes, you can approach FIFA Ultimate Team with an open checkbook, but you can also do so without investing a penny, even without buying envelopes, and here’s how.

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The Beginning, What to do


You can build a basic square and immediately delve into seasons online, but if your connection is unstable or want to save you the trouble of seeing the celebrations half hour of a clear and constant breaks, there is also the option of tournaments and glasses offline. Winning a tournament offline 4 matches with low level of difficulty can accredited 3000 exchange between awards and final matches, and so avoid anything described above, plus it allows you to strengthen alignment with no risk of demotion. There are more than a dozen events in offline FIFA 15 FUT to win the hardest get up to 2000 coins, as well as a variety of envelopes with different content, just be aware that some competitions such demand that your team possesses certain chemical characteristics or quality. If you meet the parameters there are tens of thousands of coins waiting for awards, not to mention individual match bonuses.


Flagship envelopes are key when you start playing and you have absolutely nothing, but then it is advisable to collect coins and explore the transfer market. Remember your dream team is not any generic mix of stars, it may consist of mid-range players who get along well because they share nationality, club or league. This is known as having chemistry and is a key parameter. So, buy hearty packages is not the most efficient way to satisfy this requirement. Backgammon online or offline and seasons to accumulate coins and starts buying players that fit the specific needs of your Ultimate Team. An isolated party usually provides between 500 and 600 coins, and you can find very good quality players (gold) for 400 coins, so you really have to grind too much to have a decent squad.


There is little point to be buying brass players who then have to add consumables fitness or fitness; it is better to skip a step and acquire a player gold for the same price.


If you get to buy envelopes, business takes a stand. Sell ​​the logo unknown club, ball or pretty uniform Cañeros the Ridge (for instance). . Accept it, will never use anything like that, so you better put it in the transfer market Consider: an envelope standard bronze can cost between 400 and 750 coins, and if you sell most of its 12 components for the minimum ( about 250 coins), you can end up getting back more than 1000. Just be patient, because certain items delayed days to move out, but the same time it would stored in your virtual club accumulating dust. The only exception to this rule is when players come out that do not fit with your chemistry, but think it will improve this season or will be highly sought after. The league footballers medium quality often cherished in the market as well as those with good pace, so you can keep up while price and then sell them.

What to Expect New in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide


Put together a team from scratch can be a somewhat confusing experience of cards, numbers, emblems and attributes to fitting to get optimal results, but unknown. Well, not really know which way leads the squad until suddenly you worlds that is full of German and Polish players. To reduce this time of loss, EA added the conceptual templates. Attend this tool to the system tells you exactly how it will look a staff of excellent tactics and chemical makings once it is completed. You can start from scratch, ask the system to generate a computer with certain specific characteristics and from there either, choose from 5 preset hybrid alignments. All are very important elements in common to the chemical, but are expensive and cumbersome to obtain;however, the planning tool allows alignments to channel your efforts.


One of our favorite new features for FUT this year are the players on loan, and you save the hassle of being to grind so you have a decent team. Playing FIFA 15 in any form and accumulate credits experience to buy players of very good quality, but be with your team about 10 games. If you use and feed rate, these figures really make a difference.

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