FIFA 11 Released Date Announced September 28

EA finally announced that FIFA 11 will release on September 28 in North America and October 1 in both Europe and Asia. EA also today unveiled a new feature called Creation Center, that allows “fans” to create players and teams in the game using a web-based application. Players can be given the desired appearance, accessories and attributes, while teams can have “distinctive” crests and kits, as well as home stadia. Players will be able to share their teams with friends, download others to their console to play online, in Tournaments and in Kick-Off matches. EA also rabbiter on about “Custom Audio” in its press release today, “which enables fans to assign chants for every team and league in the game.”Apparently you can set your home club’s chants to play during player introductions, halftime, and after goals. And, you now have the ability to play music from their hard drive in game.

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