FEAR 3 Alma Doll Locations Guide (Doll Collector) (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Here is the FEAR 3 Alma Doll Locations that will guide you to unlock the doll collector achievement or trophy which will give you all the alma doll which you can see below which level you can locate them in.

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Fear 3 Alma Doll Locations
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Fear 3 Alma Doll Locations:

Interval 01 – Prison

Interval 02 – Slums

Location A: In the room with the hole in the wall right before the mech section, you may find the doll to the right.
Location B:  After you kill the mech there is an opening across the street from the building with rockets in it in the second floor

Interval 03 – Store, In the warehouse, climbing shelves, climb to the top of the shelf.  The Alma Doll on top of another shelf.  

Interval 04 – Suburbs, It is right behind the Mech suit

Interval 05 – Tower

Interval 06 – Bridge is in the subway cart


Interval 07 – Port, is in between the stores Janus Cafe and Sophie’s Pizza there is a door. 

Interval 08 

More to come with detail video guides for location the FEAR 3 alma dolls.

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