Far Cry Primal Wenja bracelets Locations Guide

Far Cry Primal Wenja bracelets Locations Guide will help you find all in the game.

The Far Cry Primal Wenja bracelets are some of the type of collectibles that you need to collect in the game as you find them. Far Cry Primal has 25 Wenja Bracelets that need to be found in the land of Oros and with our guide you will be able to find them all in the game and get closer to unlocking all the collectibles in the game.

The Wenja Bracelets are needed as you will use to through out the map and below will provide you with the map to finding all the Far Cry Primal locations for the wenja bracelets that you use to help you complete all collectibles.

TOC: Walkthrough | Crafting Guide | Achievements & Trophies | Primal Cave LocationsSpirit Totem Locations | Wenja Bracelets Locations | Izila Masks Locations | Skills Guide | Crafting Weapons Parts

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