Far Cry Primal Weapons Crafting Parts Location Guide

In this guide will help you where you can find in Far Cry Primal Weapons parts that you can craft and their location

Far Cry Primal weapons crafting parts is important and below is a list of various locations where you can find resources that will allow you to craft weapons that will provide you with and level up your crafting skill in the game as you progress through it. From crafting skills that consist in animal fat, wood, bones and various items that you can find in the open world of Oros. Below find a list of Far Cry Primal weapons that you can craft from resources that you can find in the land of Oros.

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Animal Fat

  • Location: All animals
  • Crafting: Ignite your weapon and craft Fire Bomb

Animal hide

  • Location: Overall Oros
  • Crafting: Clubs, shards, sting bomb and spears

Clay Pot

  • Location: On Enemy Corpse
  • Crafting: Ultimate Berserk Bombs and Fire Bombs


  • Location: Anywhere in Oros
  • Crafting: Clubs, arrows, traps and spears


  • Location: Found on Huge Animals like Mammoth and Bears
  • Crafting: Kapala Shard, Blood Shasti Club and other Items


  • Location: In land of Oros
  • Crafting: Clubs, shards and spears

Bee Cluster

  • Location: In the Hives near Bear in Northern Part of Oros
  • Crafting: Sting Bombs

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