One of the biggest surprises last year was the revelation of Far Cry Primal , not so much for the relatively premature nature of the ad – Far Cry 4 had just debuted in late 2014, but by prehistoric touch that Ubisoft Montreal wanted to print to the concept . It was a fresh idea in the context of many sets of modern or futuristic shots.

I can safely say that Far Cry Primal is everything I expected it, no more , no less: an action game in first relatively different person and a subtle dose of role. Far Cry Primal not a single skin. In addition to the atmosphere, which certainly cool things during the first hours- both combat and progression they were expanded.

far cry primal review

You assume the role of Takkar, the first of the tribe Wenja able to tame animals. This gives a monumental advantage to the hunter whose people was decimated by the invasion of two antagonistic groups with an agenda of their own: the Udam, cavemen Northeast who, tired of the cold and have to eat each other, they decide to go down to the valley Oros to eat others; and izila, a group of religious radicals arsonists inclinations and loincloth. So basically, if you do something, your people will become dinner madmen.

Strength in numbers, so in Far Cry Primal the idea is to establish a village and re-consolidate your tribe by recruiting wenjas nomads, among whom are experts in various trades and who will act as a guide for history; They are suppliers of missions and root of the tree of skills, which now exist only in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. In Far Cry Primal there are 8 skills trees, but before you can start to develop, you need to find wenjas experts who may teach you by special missions. You are an expert in survival, others will teach collection, domestication, fight, creation, and so on and by that I mean more broadly in the progression. All you do experience and provides always- like every time you level or fulfill specific tasks give you skill points to go unlock the capabilities of the various trees. The structure is the same as before, only now there is more to do and more to learn, which is a wise move.

In essence, “help your people” is very similar to what we saw in Far Cry 4 , but here notes the impact and how to grow your village is even possible to make improvements to the huts of the main characters and, as you increase your community, you receive benefits in the form of resources to build objects.

far cry primal arrow bow

Incidentally construction Crafting in Far Cry 3 was so novel, and here is vital, which is logical when you remember you’re at the dawn of the human race. So, gather materials and hunt for loot will allow you to upgrade your equipment, weapons, and even cure you and domesticate animals, because you require bait to attract them . In fact, you can’t survive in certain regions of the map if you have not Crafted appropriate equipment, not because there is an invisible wall, but because you’ll die of cold, and that’s a nice touch. In a way, Far Cry Primal feels like the pinnacle of crafting within the series.

Regarding mobility and combat, if you played Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4 , immediately you will feel like a fish in water because, despite the absence of firearms, the cadence of Takkar and the response of controls they perceive very similar to those of the previous installments, only around a fifth time teach you how to tame a predator and an owl, which increases the scope and strategy necessary for making strong, present in Far Cry almost from its inception and remains the pivot of the gameplay. In the first instance, the addition can be interpreted as dressing; as an unnecessary function added to say that there was something “new” in Far Cry Primal , but I must give credit to Ubisoft Montreal to make you feel totally helpless without it and there are many, many dangers in this age if you do not bring a companion or, at least, a torch. Everything from a pack of wild dogs to an angry condor, can become a headache if you’re not careful, and not to mention the moody mammoth, whose anger is a death sentence most of the time.

Now, instead of reaching an enemy village and study the ground with your sniper rifle, you should do with your trusty owl is able to directly attack the Udam unwary or turn them loose a hive of bees in the head, and capabilities bird also are progressing as you progress in the game. While the owl crosses the sky, you can send your saber-toothed tiger that mutilates some tips with their “small” fangs while killing the rest of the enemies with your bow long range or mallet 2 hands … casual. Well, ingeniously they adapted some concepts and new fit perfectly to make you feel like a true Beastmaster and if all else fails, the pleasure of riding a mammoth and destroy everything is a must experience to go through.

far cry primal owl

As you progress, you unlock predators to tame until you get to 17, but before he could do so we must break them in missions where you must hunt especially long set traps and track animals sometimes for several days. These are perhaps some of the most unique tasks Far Cry Primal , a game whose main flaw is repetition, since the volume of content is noticeable but not the variety.

In Far Cry Primal most of the missions involves the same: kill members of the rival tribe or hunting for wenja annoying animals. Even the “random events” fall into the same categories. That is, when you meet someone along the way you must kill him, rescue him from his -a captors fancy way of saying that you’re going to kill a crush his neck or escort him to reach where you go because along the way there will be something to kill. Occasionally there are missions tracking where you use your sight hunting that, anyway, end up running and to change the pace a bit, return hallucinogens chapters that let you see the world from a mystical perspective, but this kind of instance is not, nor by far so abundant as to compensate for repeating tasks.

As for presentation, Far Cry Primal is not in the forefront of graphic current generation. There volumetric lighting, reactive foliage, use of particles and a simulation natural enough fire to create a forest fire and roast your enemies in it, but when you look flames carefully you will notice lack of quality but is something so small that does not conflict with the gaming adventure.

Audio work, on the other hand, I found it very good and, in fact, charged with the responsibility of setting because it is the mighty roar of felines, the rumble of the legs of mammoths and the howling of wolves half night which transports you into prehistory, if you’re able to put your disbelief few hours. In addition, it notes that Ubisoft Montreal made ​​the task in terms of pre – production to create a language for the characters, not to mention the level of detail in the costumes and all information gathering that surely demanded to recreate a historical stage.

far cry prima tame

Far Cry Primal is disingenuous in the design of missions and the story is heavy, but the amplified progression of skills, solid controls and savage combat system with predators provide a fresh and unique experience despite being a veteran saga.


  • 95%
    Gameplay - 95%
  • 95%
    Story - 95%
  • 90%
    Content - 90%
  • 90%
    Audio - 90%
  • 90%
    Graphics - 90%
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