Far Cry Primal How to Craft Weapons, Gear and Upgrade them

In this guide for Far Cry Primal How to Craft Weapons, Gear and Upgrade them will show you how it works.

In this guide will show you in Far Cry Primal How crafting works, how you can upgrade items that you craft and various items that are required to upgrade the weapon, kits, bows and whatever weapon that you are able to craft.

Crafting in Far Cry Primal is a key thing in the game, without you crafting weapons, gear, clothes you will not be able to survive in the game at all. Right off the bat you are giving to craft your first weapon which is a BOW with arrows. To Craft a Bow you will need 3 items and they are:

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  • Alder Wood
  • Reeds
  • Slate

Once you craft your first bow now is time to upgrade it. Youw ill need different items to upgrade it and you can’t use the same items that you use to building it. Now to Upgrade the BOW you will need to find the following items in the Land of Oros:

  • Takkar’s Cave
  • South Stone
  • South Rock Dust

far cry primal crafting guide

Once you find the items that you use to pugrade your BOW you will have something that is called CURRENT: wich gives the bow a Damage 3, Accuracy 6 and rate of fire of 5. Once you upgrade the bow you will have rapid fire Cabability. In the Image below you will see that you need Level 1 Takkar’s Cave, 5 South Stone and 8 South Rock Dust.

Not all the weapons that you can craft are available in the first mission. You will need to level up in the game to unlock various weapons that you can find the required items to craft them.

How do you find items to upgrade your weapons, gear, skins and much more. One thing you can do is as you unlock the map and as you unlock the map you will find in it the various animals that are for you to go hunt for and upgrade your crafted weapons, gear and much more.


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