Far Cry 4 Unlock Attachments Paint Schemes Weapons Guide

Far Cry 4 Unlock Attachments Paint Schemes Weapons

In the following Far Cry Guide will show you how you can Unlock Attachments and Paint schemes for any weapon that you want to use or upgrade it. See the below steps on what you need to do to unlock this and complete the achievement or trophy.

TOC: Walkthrough | Achievements | TrophiesCustom Fitted

To unlock Attachments and Paint Schemes you need to do the following:

  • Purchae a weapon, like AK-47, RPG 7
  • Set off Alarm at the Rochan Brick Co. Storage Outpost
  • Shoot the reinforcement car before the enemies get out of it with a heavy weapon or C4, something that is going to blow up the car.

Once you perform the above task you will then be able to unlock Custom Fitted which you can Buy all Attachments and paint schemes for a single weapon.


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