Far Cry 4 revealed and is releasing November 18

Far Cry 4 revealed and is releasing November 18

According to a financial presentation from Ubisoft, the leading FPS, Far Cry 4 will be released in Autumn 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Of course, the game is a direct sequel to its successful predecessor, Far Cry 3 , and will be set in Kyrat, wild country ruled by a despot, full of action and danger. Players can build their own story as they travel through an open world full of exoticism. "Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that surprised gamers and exceed their expectations," said executive producer title, Dan Hay, "given the unique setting, we feel that Far Cry 4 stand out as first person shooter and look forward to revealing more about the game in the coming months. "

Ubisoft also announced a limited edition that revolves around Hurk, a character from the previous game that uses a harpoon called The empaler. It seems that the preorders for the game are now available in major retailers. The game will be released on November 18 and is a collaboration between Red Storm and Ubisoft studios in Montreal, Toronto, Shanghai and Kiev.


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